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As part of our ongoing commitment to protection of the investing public from unscrupulous investment practices and firms, the Financial Assurance Regulatory Board offers a portal for both checking a company’s current licensing status and if applicable, disciplinary history.

Recent Warnings from the Financial Assurance Regulatory Board

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Financial Assurance Regulatory Board

The Financial Assurance Regulatory Board is a financial regulator charged with the oversight of banking, investments and other financial services in Japan.

This website serves as a portal to all of our services to the general public and provides access to a number of tools and documents including warnings, investment advice, complaints and checking procedures and educational material designed to provide the investor with the knowledge needed to invest safely in today’s markets.

Our operational remit includes the supervision and regulation of firms working within the financial markets, dissemination of information to the investing public and management of risk in the financial sector as a whole.

Please read our operational remit to find out more about the purpose and work of the Financial Assurance Regulatory Board.

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